Our Story

Who are we:

Tayyem Trading Company is a national company founded by Mr. Ali Tayyem, may God have mercy on him, in 1968 in the capital, Amman, until God Almighty passed away. It was led by the mercy of God with high efficiency, power, and wisdom, and it was managed by his sons after him who followed the path of their father and their first teacher and mixed their experiences over the previous years with the development of technology for more giving And keep up with everything new. Tayyem company became one of the genuinely distinguished and pioneering national companies referred to in many Arab and Western countries

Our vision:

We are proudly a team that continues to work in a world of excellence and exclusivity in the formation of the stainless steel industry. We will always stay according to your expectations and we will continue our journey to serve all segments of society.

‏Our industries:

‏It equips hotels, restaurants, kitchens, supermarkets, butcheries and marketing centers, in addition to equipping medical, industrial and pharmaceutical laboratory equipment, all kinds of machines from stainless steel.

Our customers

‏Thanks to God, we have reached all Arab countries and have equipped many restaurants and hotels inside and outside our beloved Jordan.